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Niklaus Wirth's book DYOL: Design Your Own Language

Book sourcesCompiler Construction — Niklaus Wirth

N. Wirth, Compiler Construction, Addison-Wesley, 2005.

	title     = "{Compiler Construction}",
	author    = "Niklaus Wirth",
	publisher = "Addison-Wesley",
	isbn      = "978-0201403534",
	url       = "",
	year      = 2005,

CC-NW is rather minimalistic and refuses to acknowledge modern language concepts such as Class even though the version we processed was updated by the author in 2005.

NB: marking was done with the online version of the book, so page numbers may be slightly different from your printed edition! The Russian translation you see on the right, was only used for the photo:

	title     = "{Построение компиляторов}",
	author    = "Никлаус Вирт",
	publisher = "ДМК Пресс",
	isbn      = "978-5-94074-585-3",
	year      = 2010,


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