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Alexander Ollongren's book DYOL: Design Your Own Language

Book sourcesParsing Techniques — Alexander Ollongren

A. Ollongren, Definition of Programming Languages by Interpreting Automata, Academic Press, 1974.

	title     = "{Definition of Programming Languages by Interpreting Automata}",
	author    = "Alexander Ollongren",
	publisher = "Academic Press",
	isbn      = "978-0125257503",
	year      = 1974,

PT-AO is an ode to the Vienna development method, and is a side product of a project of modelling the semantics of PL/I in a formal way. It does not contain a lot of useful information on design, but the entire category of parsing books was included in our corpus to confirm that parsing in the narrow sense and language design are unrelated. This particular book is pretty realistic and mixes formal definitions with a selection of language constructs which a real world language designer may decide to use. It also covers Concurrency and Synchronisation, but surprisingly avoids the complexity of Parameter Passing discussion when formalising Subprograms. Neither PT-AO nor PT-HU mention Operator Precedence when talking about ambiguous grammars.

NB: marking was done with the Russian translation of the book, so page numbers may be slightly different!

	title     = "{Определение языков программирования интерпретирующими автоматами}",
	author    = "Александр Оллонгрен",
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