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Kwasnik/Dünker/Sheehy/Void/Lämmel's artwork on the cover of the book DYOL: Design Your Own Language

Book sourcesSoftware Languages — Ralf Lämmel

R. Lämmel, Software Languages: Syntax, Semantics, and Metaprogramming, Springer, 2018.

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	note      = "Marked version of 27 March 2017."

SL-RL has not been published yet, but a final draft was requested from the author and graciously granted specially for this project. When published, this book will fill the niche of a standard studybook for SLE courses. At this point, it was particularly hard to map to our cards because of its ambitious nature: many notions like Variables, Classes or Inheritance are used without ever explaining or introducing them, and many others (much more than were put on cards as of yet) are mentioned in passing. In the end we confirmed marking only those concepts that either took considerable space or were explained as being significant.


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