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DYOL: Design Your Own LanguageBlock

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Viewing a list of statements as a specific (compound) kind of statement is a conceptual eye-opener and allows to treat composite constructs in a uniform and orthogonal way (if … begin … end and do … begin … end instead of if … endif and do … enddo). Languages either use delimiters (begin/end or curly brackets) or indentation. Blocks can be seen as degenerate subprograms and be useful in optimisation.

Learnable Programming: Blocks and Beyond

Communications of the ACM, June 2017, pp. 72-80
David Bau, Jeffrey G. Gray, Caitlin Kelleher, Josh Sheldon, Franklyn A. Turbak
open access

Evidence shows that the explicit usage of blocks in programming/coding education improves learnability of concepts and languages.

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