PV2 DaPPer: Data-guided Probabilistic Program synthesizersynthesises probabilistic programs from relational datasets

A tool to synthesize full PPL (probabilistic programming language) models from relational datasets.

Application domain/field

Type of tool

Probabilistic program synthesizer

Expected input


Expected output

PPL program in a subset of the BLOG language.


It uses simulated annealing (SA) to synthesize PPL (probabilistic programming language) programs from relational datasets.
Probabilistic Synthesis


Repository: https://github.com/schasins/PPL-synthesis

Related papers

Data-Driven Synthesis of Full Probabilistic Programs (CAV '17)

Last publication date

13 July 2017

Related tools

PSketch: given a sketch of a nearly complete PPL program and a dataset, it will synthesize expressions to complete the program.

ProVerB specific

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