PV4 ESBMCchecks safety properties in C programs, can generate invariants

SMT-based bounded model checker that provides bit-precise verification for C/C++ programs

Application domain/field

Type of tool

Model checker

Expected input


. c file and parameters when calling ESBMC. The property file should be in the format used by SV-COMP.

Expected output

VERIFICATION SUCCESSFUL or VERIFICATION FAILED, followed by more detail about the counterexample that the tool found.


ESBMC v6.0 employs a k-induction algorithm to both falsify and prove safety properties in C programs Some of the parameters/analyses that ESBMC supports are: As back-ends ESBMC supports the following SMT solvers: Boolector, Z3, Yices, MathSAT, CVC4. ESBMC is based on CBMC.
C C++ Model checking


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Last publication date

8 September 2021

ProVerB specific

ProVerB is a part of SLEBoK. Last updated: February 2023.