PV1 qtpi, sometimes stylised as Qtpichecks that quantum programs obey real-world restrictions and simulates quantum programs

Quantum protocol programming language & simulator

Application domain/field

Type of tool

Expected input

Quantum protocol and simulation settings (e.g. length of messages, length of hash key, minimum number of checkbits, number of sigmas, number of trials)


Own .qtp format

Expected output

Statistics about the simulation: number of qubits per trial, number of qubits that were interfered with, number of trials that succeeded. It is also possible to inspect a sample execution trace.


This tool was inspired by CQP. qtpi takes a single execution path, making probabilistic choices between outcomes. The programs are statically checked to ensure that they obey real-world restrictions on the use of qubits (no cloning, no sharing).


License: GPL v2.0
Protocol Simulation


Related papers

Describing and Simulating Concurrent Quantum Systems (TACAS '20)

Last publication date

17 April 2020

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