PV3 STMC: Statistical Model Checkercan verify any property expressible in PRISM against any system expresible in PRISM

Statistical model checker. "[STMC can] statically verify any black-box probabilistic system that PRISM can simulate, against probabilistic bounds on any property that PRISM can evaluate over individual executions of the system."

Application domain/field

Type of tool

Statistical model checker

Expected input

Probabilistic model


PRISM (.pm file)

Expected output

? ("Result: true" or "Result: false"?)




License: GNU General Public License v3.0
Model checking Probabilistic


Related papers

STMC: Statistical Model Checker with Stratified and Antithetic Sampling (CAV '20)

Last publication date

14 July 2020

Related tools

Other statistical model checkers: PRISM, MRMC, VESTA, YMER, COSMOS

ProVerB specific

ProVerB is a part of SLEBoK. Last updated: February 2023.